Mark Hanson

Models, oddballs, and preprints: a conversation with Mark Hanson

Hanson has been interested in the innate immune response since his Master’s thesis work with Steve Perlman at the University of Victoria, in British Columbia. There he worked on the evolution of the immune system in a “weird, non-conventional fly species that has a nematode parasite and a defensive symbiont. We were curious about how the immune system adapted to this three-way interaction.”

Agnostic, efficient, and fair: the Review Commons author & reviewer survey 2022.

Our latest survey shows that the overwhelming majority of our authors and reviewers support our journal agnostic peer-review process and consider the elimination of multiple cycles of peer review to be the most important benefit of Review Commons. Authors also regard the preparation of the authors’ detailed response as the rate-limiting step for the public posting of refereed preprints.