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Sara Monaco
Sara Monaco Managing Editor
Thomas Lemberger
Thomas Lemberger Project Leader and Associate Editor
Ruby Ponnudurai
Ruby Ponnudurai Editor

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Reviewing Editors

EMBO Press

  • Kelly Anderson vascular biology, molecular biology of disease, circadian clocks, developmental biology
  • Poonam Bheda aging, neuroscience, biomarkers and diagnostics, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, systems medicine
  • Achim Breiling cancer, immunology, microbiology, virology & host-pathogen interaction, molecular biology of disease, signal transduction, stem cells
  • Zeljko Durdevic genetic diseases, mitochondrial diseases, myopathies, stem cells, regenerative medicine, gene therapy, host-pathogen interactions, innate immunity and vaccinology, skin disorders, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics
  • Ieva Gailite development, cell adhesion, polarity & cytoskeleton, signal transduction, vascular biology, plant biology, microbiology & virology
  • Jingyi Hou systems biology, synthetic biology, computational biology, genomics, systems medicine, biomarkers and diagnostics, metabolomics, aging, neuroscience, proteomics, systems medicine
  • Daniel Klimmeck stem cells, ageing, metabolism, channels & transporters, molecular biology of disease, cancer
  • Thomas Lemberger systems biology, synthetic biology, computational biology, genomics, single-cell biology, proteomics, chromatin & epigenetics
  • Ioannis Papaioannou cell death, immunology, neuroscience
  • Maria Polychronidou systems biology, synthetic biology, computational biology, genomics, single-cell biology, proteomics, chromatin & epigenetics
  • Martina Rembold ageing, autophagy, cell death, channels, membrane & intracellular transport, developmental biology, molecular evolution & ecology, post-translational modifications & proteolysis, protein quality control,
  • Lise Roth cancer,stem cells, immunotherapy, immune disorders, metabolism, obesity and diabetes, angiogenesis, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases
  • Esther Schnapp chromatin & epigenetics, genomics, dna replication, repair & recombination, neuroscience, plant biology, protein biosynthesis, rna biology, transcription
  • Cornelius Schneider chromatin, epigenetics, genomics, rna biology, transcription, protein biosynthesis & quality control
  • William Teale autophagy, channels & transporters, membrane & intracellular transport, plant biology
  • Deniz Senyilmaz Tiebe cell adhesion, polarity & cytoskeleton, cell cycle, metabolism & cell biology, vascular biology
  • Hartmut Vodermaier cell cycle, dna replication, repair & recombination, post-translational modifications, proteolysis & proteomics, structural biology

The Company of Biologists

  • Swathi Arur C. elegans, cancer development and progression, cell signaling, germ cell development, meiosis, oogenesis, small non-coding RNAs
  • Renata Basto cell cycle, centrosomes, chromosomes, Drosophila, mitosis, genetic instability, mitotic spindle, microtubules, aneuploidy and polyploidy
  • Dominique Bergmann plant development, cell polarity and asymmetric divisions, cell fate determination, developmental responses to environmental change
  • James Briscoe vertebrate development, morphogen signaling, gene regulatory networks, spinal cord, dynamical systems modelling
  • Andrew Ewald epithelial morphogenesis, organoids, 3D cell biology
  • Michael Way actin, cytoskeleton, GTPases, microtubules, motility, myosin and kinesin motors, signalling (phospho-tyrosine and SH2/SH3 adaptor type), viruses
  • Steve Wilson zebrafish neural development, forebrain development, asymmetry/laterality

Advisory Board