Review Commons is a platform for high-quality journal-independent peer-review in the life sciences.

Review Commons provides authors with a Refereed Preprint, which includes the authors’ manuscript, reports from a single round of peer review and the authors’ response. Review Commons also facilitates author-directed submission of Refereed Preprints to affiliate journals to expedite editorial consideration, reduce serial re-review and streamline publication.

Review Commons transfers Refereed Preprints on behalf of the authors to bioRxiv and 17 affiliate journals from EMBO Press, eLife, ASCB, The Company of Biologists, Rockefeller University Press and PLOS.

Review Commons will:

  • Allow reviewers to focus on the science, not specific journal fit.
  • Enrich the value of preprints.
  • Reduce re-reviewing at multiple journals.
  • Accelerate the publishing process by providing journals with high-quality referee reports.

How it works

Review Commons empowers authors by providing them with a Refereed Preprint and facilitating its submission to affiliate journals.

How Review Commons works in diagram form

Learn more about the scope of Review Commons and its peer review process:

Strategic Group

Review Commons is a joint initiative of EMBO and ASAPbio and is governed by the following strategic group:

Ron Vale
Ron Vale, Janelia Research Campus Co-founder
Maria Leptin
Maria Leptin, University of Cologne Co-founder
Jessica Polka
Jessica Polka, ASAPbio Project Lead
Thomas Lemberger
Thomas Lemberger, EMBO Project Lead
Bernd Pulverer
Bernd Pulverer, EMBO Advisor, Editorial

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Review Commons is a registered trademark at the European Union Intellectual Property Office.